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Service Styles

UNI Catering & Events offers varying service styles ranging from simple and economical to full service. Please review the service selections below to determine what is best suited for your event. Look for the service style icon within our menus (coming soon) to see what level of service is available with that selection.

Simple Service

Spoon and fork Simple Service

Simple service provides the option of picking up your order at 23rd Street Market or Biscotti's, or delivery of the order to your designated meeting space. If you choose delivery, we will simply drop off your items and be on our way - pick-up/clean-up service is optional. There is a simple selection of menu items available to purchase with this service. Order online and save 10%!*


  • Options for delivery ($10 fee) or pick-up by customer (pick-up at 23rd Street Market or Biscotti's)

  • Option for return pick-up and clean-up ($10 fee)

  • Cold food selections (includes pizza)

  • Disposable tableware

  • Disposable tablecloths

  • Disposable trays

*Place your order through our online ordering system and receive a discount of 10% off of the total order. Must order from the online selection of menu items, no substitutions. Discount does not apply to orders requiring additional assistance from Catering staff outside of the online ordering system.
Simple dinner table

Casual Service

Delivery Truck Icon Casual Service

Casual service provides delivery and set-up of the order to the designated meeting space, as well as return pick-up and clean-up following the event. Orders that include hot menu items will require an attendant to remain during the event. Online ordering is not available with casual service.


  • Delivery ($10 fee)

  • Basic set-up

  • Return pick-up and clean-up ($10 fee)

  • 10% service fee

  • Hot and cold food selections

  • Tableware

  • Tablecloths

  • Trays

Fancy Dinner table

Formal Service

Formal Service Dinner Plate Icon Formal Service

Formal service is available for plated meals, buffet meals and receptions. Our catering staff provides full service before, during and following the event. Menu can be customized or selected from our standard menu options. Online ordering is not available with formal service. (All weddings are considered formal service.)


  • Delivery ($10 fee)

  • Basic set-up

  • Return pick-up and clean-up ($10 fee)

  • Attendant

  • 18% service fee

  • Customized menu

  • China

  • Linens

Available for an additional charge:

  • Special linen colors and sizes (with advance notice)

Formal dinner table