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UNI Catering & Events

Student Group/Organization Catering

Student Group/Organization Catering

Student groups are encourage to take advantage of the Economy Catering choices available at our UNI Catering Takeout Economy Pickups. The menu options and pricing is designated for UNI departments hosting university groups and paying through university accounts. Items are for pick up only.  For additional choices, you can purchase items through UNI Catering, subject to Catering prices.

Pepsi Contract Information

UNI has an exclusive contract with Pepsi America to purchase and serve only Pepsi products. These purchases can only be through Pepsi America and not through any other vendor. This contract gives Pepsi exclusive rights to all soft drinks served and sold by UNI and also includes juices, Gatorade and other beverages. This contract financially benefits the university and some of the financial benefits go directly to student groups and student scholarships. Residence Halls and student groups are required to purchase their beverages through the Department of Residence/Dining Services to avoid purchasing beverages that would violate the Pepsi contract.  For more information, go to UNI Office of Business Operations – Pepsi Contract FAQ.

To make it as cost effective for university groups, 2-liter Pepsi products are priced at the cost the department pays for the products. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet. Pepsi and Root Beer are available in limited (up to 3 per order) amounts from Rialto and Piazza to the Residence Halls using a Residence Hall Pop Charge Sheet at any time for purchase with little notice. In order to insure availability of flavors and larger quantities, it is recommended that groups place orders online for 2-liter soft drinks one week in advance of need.

As part of the Pepsi contract, student activities and each residence hall have an allocated amount of canned soft drinks for student programming. Check with Student Activities and/or your Residence Life Coordinator to see if your event qualifies.