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Terms and Conditions

Departmental payments for services rendered will be transferred by the Controller’s Office, with a copy to the client.

Prices are subject to change.

Catering personnel are not permitted to accept gratuities or gifts.


  • Orders can be picked up or delivered on campus. The on campus delivery fee is $10 per delivery and $10 for pick-up.

Menu Changes or Substitutions:

  • For events where 25 or less take out meals are ordered, additional sandwich choices may be available. Pricing will reflect the higher cost of the sandwiches selected and an additional $10 fee per choice will be applied.

  • Other menu substitutions may affect pricing dependent upon item requested.

Event/Order Changes:

  • Any orders or changes within 72 hour notice of the event will result in a 30% expediting fee ($35 minimum).

  • An expediting fee will be applied for any increases in guarantee count after the guarantee date has passed. The fee will be calculated at 30% of the total bill and applied each time the number changes. There will be a minimum fee of $35 per time applied.

Event Cancellation:

  • If the order is canceled with less than a 24 hours notice, the customer will be responsible for 100% of the bill.

  • If the event is canceled with less than one (1) week, but more than a 24 hour notice, the customer will be responsible for 50% of the bill.

  • Orders for a Monday event would need to be canceled the Friday before.

  • If classes are cancelled, your catering order is not also considered cancelled; notice is still required. Please call 319-273-2333.